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Young Investor, Medical Doctor, Entrepreneur, Digital Health Innovator

About Eevan Choo

Merging Medical Expertise With Digital Innovation For A Healthier Tomorrow

Passion at the Crossroads: Where Medicine, Tech, and Dreams Converge

Hello! I’m Eevan Choo, a physician and digital health enthusiast nurtured by Harvard Medical School. My passion lies at the intersection of clinical service and digital transformation. But my aspirations stretch further, leading me into the realms of entrepreneurship and investment. I’ve co-founded ventures, like MyBrandDoc, E-Med, which seamlessly blend healthcare with technological innovation.

This entrepreneurial spirit isn’t just about business; it’s my vision for a more integrated and forward-thinking healthcare system. 

Beyond my professional pursuits, I’ve proudly donned Malaysia’s colors in table tennis on the international stage, reflecting my commitment to excellence in all spheres of life. My journey symbolizes the harmony between medicine, technology, and entrepreneurship.

I invite you to explore this intersection with me, as we work towards a healthcare landscape enriched by technology, guided by expertise, and driven by passion

Skills & Specialties

From Patient Care to Digital Care – My Range of Expertise

Medical Expertise
  • General Medicine
  • Research Acumen
  • Quality Improvement
  • Business Development 
  • Strategic Partnership 
  • Team Leadership
Digital Health Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Phenotyping
  • Mental Health App Development

Life's Purpose and Giving Back

Each of us arrives with a purpose, destined to make a mark.
Though we may seem small, our mission in this vast world is mighty and indispensable.


  • The University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts

Working Experiences
  • Medical Doctor in District, Secondary and Tertiary Hospital in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Co-Founder of MyBrandDoc Sdn. Bhd.
  • MedTech Advisor in VentureBlick
  • Clinical Informatics Analyst in Ministry of Health Transformation
Distinctive Expertise
  • Clinical Expertise
  • Digital Health Innovations & Transformation
  • Research and Publications 
  • Entrepreneurial Prowess
  • Leadership & Project Management
  • Technical Skills (Digital Marketing, Funnelling,  Website Design)

Featured In

Voices of Trust

Affirmations from Across My Career

Dr. Tang Chao Tian Psychiatry Consultant

I have collaborated with Eevan on a paper. He was a joy to work with, as he is very driven, efficient and hardworking! With his keen eye for detail coupled with meticulousness, he is an asset to any collaboration. Looking forward to more collaborative efforts to come!

Dr. Julian Lee ASEAN Leading Violinist

Eevan has an innate ability to guide and nurture those around him, generously sharing his time and extensive knowledge. Colleagues consistently rely on him for his valuable insights and steadfast support. Anyone seeking a dedicated, knowledgeable, and collaborative professional should look no further.

Dr. Jessa Duldulao Healthcare Lead Auditor

Dr. Eevan Choo is a brilliant mind from Malaysia who embodied leadership skills from day one. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident as he fearlessly planned and pursued his visions. Beyond that, his friendly nature made him also a dependable friend.

Dr. Rojina Shilpakar Burn Surgeon

I am privilaged to have met and know Eevan Choo. He is a dedicated and exceptionally creative professional with amazing problem solving skills. A genuine and good human being. I have complete belief that he will do exceedingly well in anything he set his mind to.

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